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Teacher:  M. Jaraba

Students in grades PreK – 8 receive instruction in Spanish on a weekly basis.  The following are the summaries of the curriculum covered at each of the grade levels.

Grades PreK – 3

The focus will be on very basic vocabulary.  Students will have a didactic second language learning process.  Technology will be used in the class as well as posters and different worksheets for students to learn and reinforce their new language acquisition.  They will learn all basic vocabulary such as colors, numbers, shapes, greetings, animals, days of the week, months of the year, food, clothes, alphabet, parts of the house and classroom objects.

Grades 4 and 5

Exploring Spanish, EMC Publishing 2008

The focus will be on very basic vocabulary.  They should know all vocabulary previously learned.  The first lesson will be comprised of “Expresiones de Cortesia” or Expressions of  Courtesy, including introductions and salutations.  Next they will work on numbers, which are the key to any language.  The lessons will continue with classroom objects and commands, clothing, family members, the alphabet, the house and the parts of the body.  Students work on several projects through the year that reflect the current unit of study,

Grade 6

Avancemos!, Holt McDougal 2013

The students will continue to enhance their knowledge of Spanish vocabulary at this level.  They will begin with weather and seasons, days of the week, months and holidays, food, kitchen gadgets, leisure and recreation, occupations, shopping, travel and transportation.  Students will be assigned several projects throughout the year.

Grade 7

Avancemos!, Holt McDougal 2013

Additional verbs and grammatical structures will be added to the students’ knowledge base.  The students will write many more sentences and begin conversations.  Seventh graders also will receive new books which are used for both Grades Seven and Eight.  The students begin with a review of salutations, classroom commands, numbers and time.  The lessons continue with personal pronouns, classroom objects, geography, plurals and daily schedules.  Throughout the year, the students are introduced to may cultural aspects of Latin America, both in traditional customs and the aspects of daily life.

Grade 8

Avancemos!, Holt McDougal 2013

Students will begin with learning the culture of Latin American countries in depth.  With this lesson is el restaurante during which the students will create menus for their own restaurants.  They will also have the Cook Book Project for which they will have to research the typical foods from certain Latin American countries and then cook them.  The lessons will continue with conjugating verbs, the family, possessive adjectives, adjectives, likes and dislikes, and direct and indirect objects.  The students finish the year with a play they put together for the Kindergarten and First Grade students.

Additional Information

For a description of the Curriculum Guidelines of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, visit the website of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia Office of Catholic Education.