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Grade 6B

Teacher: P. Rohrbaugh

Grade 6 Science and Social Studies 
Grade 5 Religion


Discipline Procedures

Classroom discipline procedure will follow the guidelines set forth in the Positive Discipline module. For repeated infractions or those of a more serious nature, the policies outlined in the School Handbook will be implemented

Homework Procedures

Homework will be assigned nightly as prescribed by diocesan guidelines. It will be the responsibility of the student to complete all assignments in a timely manner. Missed assignments will result in a lowering of the homework grade and will need to be made up.  Homework assignments will be available through the OptionC Management System and Google Classroom.

Grading Procedure

Grades will be determined by a percentage of total number of points possible divided by total number of points earned.  Tests, quizzes, projects, homework, participation, and effort will be weighted accordingly.  Grades are available through the OptionC Management System.

Service Project

A Thanksgiving dinner will be provided for a needy family and funds will be collected during Lent for a worthy charity.