Honors Math

Teacher: T. Goodwin

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Discipline Procedures

In Honors Math, students are expected to adhere to the “Classroom Rules and Procedures” that are reviewed at the beginning of the year and posted in the classroom. Specific discipline issues will be addressed individually, in a positive manner, and in accordance with the guidelines published in the School Handbook.

Homework Procedures

For grades four through six, Honors Math homework will be posted daily on the Option C Learning Management System.  Students are also encouraged to copy homework assignments completely and accurately into their planners at the beginning of each class period. Students in grades seven and eight are required to copy homework assignments daily. Tests, projects and quizzes are posted on OptionC for all grade levels.

Grading Procedure

In Honors Math, these will be included in the grade for each trimeste

  • Tests
  • Quizzes
  • Projects/Performance Assessments
  • Problem of the Week
  • Homework/Classwork
  • Effort