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Grade Two

Students in Grade Two will receive instruction in Religion, English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and Handwriting. The following are the summaries of the curriculum covered in each of these areas.


Text – We Believe Jesus Shares God’s Life. Sadlier, 2015.

Text – First Penance. Sadlier

Text – First Eucharist. Sadlier

The primary focus will be the sacraments of First Penance and First Holy Communion. Preparation begins with a meeting for parents that will be held in the fall.  Parents or special persons and students will participate in a “Sacrament Book” decorating activity on a school day afternoon.  First Penance will be held in February and First Holy Communion will be held in May.  Included in the students’ preparation will be a discussion of the Ten Commandments and the Mass. 

English Language Arts

Text –Storytown. Harcourt, Inc., 2009.

Phonics Level B. Modern Curriculum Press, 2011.

A Reason for Handwriting – Based on Scripture Verses. 2010.

The reading program is divided into six themes. Each theme has a variety of quality literature geared to the interest level of the students. The literature and its real world resources increase students’ knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of themselves and the world around them.

Students will continue to build upon their writing skills, using the writing process. They will write informational, persuasive and narratives pieces. Learned vocabulary and grammar skills are reinforced through the various reading selections. Students will also have the opportunity to speak and listen in groups, one on one, and in whole class settings.


Text – Go Math! Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2015.

Focus will be placed on the memorization of addition and subtraction facts,place value, two and three digit addition and subtraction, with and without regrouping. Money, time and geometry also will be covered.


Text –HMH Science Dimensions.  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2018

This program will promote active learning, deeper thinking and encourage problem-solving skills.  The topics covered include:  Engineering and Design, Matter, Environments for Living Things and Earth’s Surface.  Students will not be graded.

Social Studies

Text –Scholastic Magazine – Scholastic Publishing.

The curriculum will include the study of holidays, important historical figures, basic map skills, the local community, and current events. Students will not be graded.

Additional Information

Students in Grade Two also attend classes in Art, Computer, Library, Music, Spanish and Physical Education. For a program description in these subjects, please click on the corresponding menu item at the top of the page.

For a description of the Curriculum Guidelines of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, visit the website of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia Office of Catholic Education.

For information regarding PA Core Curriculum State Standards go to this link PA Common Core Standards.