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Grade Four

Students in Grade Four receive instruction in religion, integrated language arts and reading, math, science and social studies. The following are summaries of the curriculum covered in each of these subject areas.


Text – We Believe- God’s Law Guides Us (4). Sadlier, 2011.

Children will participate in daily prayer. Some of the areas of study this year will be: The Seven Sacraments, The Beatitudes, The Rosary, Sin, Reconciliation, and the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy. Diocesan guidelines require the teaching of additional concepts besides those covered in the text. Therefore, all of the chapters in the text may not be covered.

English Language Arts

Text – Voyages in English.  Loyola Press, 2011.

English Language Arts is the integration of reading, writing, thinking, listening, and speaking. Using the Storytown Series and the The Voyages in English Grammar, students will focus on literature and the writing process. The key features of the Core Standards will be emphasized, including Reading: Text complexity and growth of comprehension, Writing: Text types, responding to reading, and research, Speaking and Listening: Flexible communication and collaboration, Language: Conventions, effective use, and vocabulary.   Grammar, reading skills, and spelling will be based on age appropriate pieces of literature.


Text -Go Math! . Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2015.

Great effort will be expected of each student to develop accuracy in using basic concepts, computation and problem solving skills. This calls for students to be drilled on basic concepts and tables each day for ten minutes. Drill Assignments will be given each night. This homework will only be given on material that has been covered in class. Therefore, the need for students to listen carefully and ask questions will be very important. Emphasis will be placed on (1) developing understanding and fluency with multi-digit multiplication, and developing understanding of dividing to find quotients involving multi-digit dividends; (2) developing an understanding of fraction equivalence, addition and subtraction of fractions with like denominators, and multiplication of fractions by whole numbers; (3) understanding that geometric figures can be analyzed and classified based on their properties, such as having parallel sides perpendicular sides particular angle measures, and symmetry.


Text – HMH Science Dimensions  4.1 2018

The Science curriculum for Grade Four will incorporate many topics including Energy, Waves, Earth Systems and Engineering Design along with other topics. The focus will be on STEM experiments.  The Next Generation Science Standards will be incorporated throughout the year.

Social Studies

Text – Pennsylvania. Scott Foresman, 2004.

The major emphasis in fourth grade social studies will be learning about the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Special attention will be given to the City of Philadelphia. Also, concentration will be placed on learning basic map skills and the use of a globe.

Additional Information

Students in Grade Four also attend classes in Art, Computer, Library, Music, Spanish and  Physical Education. For a program description in these subjects, please click on the corresponding menu item at the top of the page.

For a description of the Curriculum Guidelines of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, visit the website of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia Office of Catholic Education.

For information regarding Core Curriculum State Standards for Grade Four, visit the website  PA Common Core Standards.