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Students in PreK through Grade Eight receive instruction in art approximately thirty times a year.  The following is the summary of the curriculum covered in this subject area.

Students at every grade level will be introduced to various art skills while incorporating the elements of art and the principles of design.  Art history will likewise be introduced at every grade level.  A variety of media will be utilized by the students such as crayon, pastel, chalk, pencil, paint and clay.  The goal of the art program will be to build an appreciation of art, teach skills, and encourage confidence and creativity in producing art.

PreK to Grade Three

The program will emphasize art as a way for children to express themselves and their perception of the world around them.  At each grade level, specific terms, concepts and experiences will be taught.  Color, line, shape, texture and space will be stressed.  PreK and Kindergarten students will explore and discover a variety of art processes , media and materials.  Kindergarten students will be introduced to Prehistoric and Egyptian Art.  Grade One will explore Greek and Roman Art.  Grade Two will focus on Medieval to Renaissance Art.  Grade Three will learn about Flemish, Spanish, Mexican and Native American Artists.

Grades Four to Six

The elements of art and the principles of design will be studied more extensively.  Rhythm, movement, proportion, theme, shape, mood and color will be explored in a variety of artworks.  Grade Four study of art history will focus on Primitive painters and various American artists.  Grade Five will explore 17th to 19th century Dutch, French, and English painters.  Grade Six will become familiar with Western and American Realist painters as well as American and English book Illustrators.

Grades Seven and Eight

Students will be expected to apply knowledge and skills in the visual arts to a broader world.  The process of creating art involves decision making, critical analysis, judgments and problem solving skills.  Students will work on projects that require them to think creatively and apply their knowledge of art principles and techniques in planning and carrying out an assignment.  Grade Seven will be introduced to a variety of art movements, from Impressionism to Cubism.  Grade Eight study of art history will encompass art from before World War II through present day.

Additional Information

For a description of the Curriculum Guidelines of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, visit the website of the Archdiocese of Phiiadelphia Office of Catholic Education .